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War Stories is a military history program on the Fox News Channel. Hosted by Oliver North, the program covers a number of different stories relating to war and national defense, featuring individuals who were directly involved with the topic covered in the episode.Each episode will focus on one of three areas:⁕A particular noteworthy individual, such as George Patton or Douglas MacArthur⁕A particular battle, such as the Battle of Hamburger Hill⁕A segment devoted to a specific topic, such as the use of animals in the military or the HueyThe episodes are often based on current events; the episode which aired August 6, 2006 featured the history of Fidel Castro's rise to power while the prior week's episode centered on Hezbollah.North will end the episode with the tagline, "his/hers/theirs is a war story, that deserves to be told".

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