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True Love (MX)

True Love (MX)

Not Rated
Victoria Balvanera (Erika Buenfil) and Nelson Brizz (Guillermo Capetillo) are a wealthy Mexican couple who are dedicated to their work at the family owned agency Meta Imagen Internacional. The company's owner and executive director is Victoria's father, Aníbal Balvanera, who has just arrived from a business trip. During an attempt to kidnap Victoria, a rancher named José Ángel Arriaga rescues her while he is looking for a job. Ver complaints with moving away. José Ángel shows up and fights a man in a ski mask (secretly Salsero) and pins him down until another person in a ski mask (secretly Kendra) attacks him with a baton. Victoria stays with José Ángel at the hospital while Nelson goes to Kendra's apartment and sleeps with her. Victoria begins painting a picture of José Ángel without a shirt on. Salsero and Kendra sneak in and see it. Salsero talks Nelson into looking at Victoria's studio. Nelson sees the painting and thinks Victoria has committed infidelity. Kendra goes into Nelson's office and takes her clothes off and begins kissing Nelson. Victoria catches them and goes to sleep at José Ángel's apartment while Cristina and Liliana are in Moleros, Mexico doing paperwork.Victoria wants a divorce but Nelson refuses. Nikki's ex-boyfriend Rolando "Roy" Pavia (Eleazar Gomez) returns from Europe in order to marry her (because Nikki's family is rich) although Roy is in love with Liliana after they had met at the club. Then during their night wedding Roy catches Francisco and Nikki making love. The day afterward, Nikki leaves with Roy to go to Miami, Florida where he mistreats her, feeling betrayed, then leaves her alone and she gets hurt. Roy does not care about her bulimia after what she did to him. Meanwhile at the Balvanera's house, Arriaga is forcing Nelson to tell Victoria that he is the father of Kendra's baby. Then Victoria finds out, kicking Nelson and Kendra out of her house.

Genres: Drama Romance





Duration: min

Quality: DVD


IMDb: 0