Those in Power: The Sacrifice seasons:

S1 x E3
S1 x E2
S1 x E1
Elizabeth Meyer and Charlotte Ekeblad are the team that is going to win back power for the Social Democrats.Party leader Meyer has never made a big deal of the fact that she comes from a Jewish family. But because of her background, she is now confronted by a threat from an international neo-Nazi organization, which is why she is forced to live under the constant protection of the Swedish security services. Yet the greatest problem she faces proves not to be the threat made against her life – but the threat ”from within”. It turns out that Elizabeth Meyer is slowly succumbing to the family disease: Alzheimer’s. Slowly, though not slowly enough, her brain is deteriorating, and she realises that she cannot handle a demanding election campaign on her own. She also has to hide her illness from everyone. But what do you do when your memory is failing, when names and faces draw a blank, and your mood and feelings are out of your control? What do you do then, when as party leader you have to e.g. engage in an election debate on live TV?