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S1 x E9
This Is Not My Life

This Is Not My Life

Not Rated
In the peaceful, leafy New Zealand suburb of Waimoana, a man wakes up in a lovely home, to his lovely wife and children. The only problem is that he can't remember anything. Not who he is, ever having a wife and kids, not even his own name. The people around him call him Alec Ross, but he only has their word for that. Setting out to discover what's going on, he stumbles upon the truth - this is not his life.Now he must try and unravel the mystery of Waimoana - and get out alive!

Genres: Drama

Actors: Tandi Wright, Tania Nolan, Charles Mesure, John Bach


Country: NZ


Duration: 43 min

Quality: DVD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 8