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Safari Vet School

Safari Vet School

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Safari Vet School is the challenge of a lifetime for 32 vet students, the cream of UK universities, who are at one of the toughest vet schools in the world.At the Amakhala Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, the students are about to undertake vital wildlife training on their quest to become the best vets they can be. Under the guiding hand of chief vet Dr Will Fowlds, the students will tackle everything from lions to rhinos, giraffes to elephants.For some it’s the first time they’ve seen these iconic species and for all of them it’s the first time they’ve had to treat wild animals. From the classroom to the bush it’s a physical and emotional journey as they face fear, danger, drama and are challenged beyond anything they have experienced before.Accompanying the students is popular vet and TV presenter Dr Steve Leonard. He’s their guide and mentor as the students cope with the tears and terrors of being a wildlife vet.Filming for the series took place in June and July 2011 on location at game reserves through out the Eastern Cape. From its inception the series has been nearly a year in the making and utilised an international cast and crew of over 70 people across pre-production, filming and post production to bring the series to the screen.Safari Vet School was filmed multi-camera to reflect the dramatic action taking place in many scenes. Personal interviews are interwoven into every episode, giving a unique insight into each student’s journey across the series. And of course, there’s some beautiful wildlife.A cast of colourful and ambitious vet students, an array of dangerous wild animals, set against the spectacular backdrop of the South African bush: Safari Vet School is sure to make compulsive viewing.

Genres: Documentary



Country: GB

Episode: TV-G

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 0

Content: TV-G

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