Le cœur a ses raisons seasons:

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S2 x E2
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S1 x E12
S1 x E11
S1 x E10
S1 x E9
S1 x E8
S1 x E7
S1 x E6
S1 x E5
S1 x E4
S1 x E3
S1 x E2
S1 x E1
Le cœur a ses raisons is a French language Québécois téléroman which heavily parodies American soap operas, often involving great exaggeration to ridiculous proportions. Its English title would literally be The Heart Has Its Reasons, but the distributor has chosen to translate it by Sins of Love. The title comes from Blaise Pascal, a 17th-century French author, who said, « Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point ». It was written by author Marc Brunet and first appeared on television screens in February 2005 on the TVA television network.

The program was first shown in September 2001 as short segments during the show Le Grand Blond avec un show sournois, and became very popular, thus making way for a full television series. There were 17 short episodes preceding the first series.

The program airs internationally on TV5MONDE. A Polish version of the show, entitled Grzeszni i bogaci, premiered on October 25, 2009 on TVN television network.