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Kassai And Leuk

Kassai And Leuk

Not Rated
This short-lived animation series was based on African stories. The three protagonists are the young man Kassai, his sidekick Leuk, a talking humanoid hare who knows the jungle well, and Princess Marana, who is cursed to transform into a gazelle during the day. In the series, Kassai goes on various quests to find the scattered parts of his tribe's patron goddess, Koorie, and tries to stop the plans of the evil god Toguum, who can possess people to do his bidding. The opening theme "Samba Et Leuk" is performed by the African musician Ismaël Lô.

Genres: Animation


Directors: Olivier Massart, Jean-Louis Bompoint

Country: FR

Episode: TV-Y

Duration: 25 min

Quality: DVD

Release: 1997

IMDb: 0

Content: TV-Y