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Abyss of Passion

Abyss of Passion

Not Rated
It is a love story that takes place in a tiny, traditional, picturesque village from Yucatán, which is dedicated mainly to the growth of habanero chile (a very spicy and hot type of pepper); it is a hot place and so it is the passion of its inhabitants.Augusto Castañón and Estefanía Berger de Castañón are Elisa’s parents. With them lives Carmina, Estefanía’s sister, who is about to run away from town with Rosendo Arango. Alfonsina, his wife, finds this out and alerts Augusto about it. On the other hand, Estefanía tries to discourage Rosendo from leaving his family; however, they die in a car accident. Carmina takes advantage of this situation and makes Augusto believe that his wife was cheating on him.Out of spite, Augusto gets married with Carmina even though he is not in love with her. On the other hand, Alfonsina decides to send her son, Damián, to study abroad in order to keep him away from Elisa, who is close friends with him, and who obviously, Alfonsina doesn’t approve.Years later, Damián returns to town as an adult and engaged with Florencia Landuchi, whom he met while studying in a boarding school in Italy. Paolo Landuchi, Florencia’s uncle, is impressed by Elisa’s beauty, but she is not attracted to him, so he tries to rape her having Carmina as an accomplice.Damián falls in love with Elisa and she feels the same way about him; this situation makes his old friend Gael become his rival, as he has been in love with Elisa ever since they were kids. Augusto finds out about the relationship between Damián and Elisa and, hounded by the betrayal ghosts of Rosendo and Estefanía, he threatens Elisa with killing Damián. Elisa accepts to marry Gael to save Damián’s life, decision that deeply hurts Paloma, her best friend, since she has always been in love with Gael.Damián refuses to lose the love of his life, so he manages to prevent Elisa from marrying Gael. The two young guys confront each other and, in order to avoid a tragedy, father Guadalupe intervenes revealing them that they are half-brothers, since they are both Rosendo’s sons.In the end, it is disclosed that it was Carmina, and not Estefanía, the one who was going to escape with Rosendo, so Augusto accepts the marriage between his daughter and Damián. Gael also accepts that Elisa loves Damián and that he is just a friend to her, so he decides to take Paloma’s love and find his happiness next to her.This is a fascinating story about four youngsters, whose destinies and happiness are seriously damaged by the resentment, the ambition, and the betrayal that rules in the adults’ world.