Weekend Box Office: Wonder Woman Opened Even Bigger Than We Thought

Posted 2017-07-17 03:11:44

As you should know, the weekend estimates that drop on Sunday morning are just that, estimates. They take the Friday numbers, the Saturday numbers and an educated guess about Sunday's numbers to form a weekend box office total. And when Monday rolls around, we get the actual Sunday numbers. And sometimes the weekend total goes up, sometimes it goes down. Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. has a long history of undershooting the weekend estimates, either via caution or because they want an extra day of positive news As expected by pretty much everyone, Wonder Woman made even more over the weekend than originally estimated. It opened not with $100.5 million, but rather with $103.1 million.

The Gal Gadot-starring/Patty Jenkins-directed movie earned $38.185 million on Friday (including $11m in Thursday previews), $35.205m (-8%) on Saturday and $29.71m (-16%) on Sunday for a $103.1m Fri-Sun launch. As you can see, those are really small drops from Friday to Saturday and especially from Saturday to Sunday. If you remove the Thursday previews from the Friday number, Wonder Woman made more on Sunday ($29m) than on its pure Friday ($27m). It's not quite Sixth Sense-level impressive, but it's awfully close (and with much bigger numbers).


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